Pop and rock arrangements – 2000-2020 – Slow
19 titles

1.   All at Sea
Level II/III
A pop ballad by the multitalented Jamie Cullum
2.   Closest Thing to Crazy, The C
Level II
“Feeling twenty-two, acting seventeen”
3.   Country Life, The
Level III
A ballad by Peter Cincotti, new star in the jazz scene
4.   Daughters C
SSATB with solo | SATTB with solo
Level IV
“Fathers be good to your daughters, daughters will love like you do”
5.   Galaxies
Level IV
A mysterious piece about stars and pregnancy by this American singer-songwriter
6.   Gone
Level III
“Don’t wait for me, I’ll be gone”
7.   Gravity
Level IV
A heart-breaking ballad by Sara Bareilles, arranged with a lot of dissonants
8.   Hide and Seek
Level IV/V
An impressive weird-sounding song about the emptiness
9.   I Don’t Wanna Hurt
Level III
A lovely ballad by Anouk
10.   I Won’t Give Up
Level III
“I won’t give up on us, even if the skies get rough”
11.   Jenny Wren
Level III
A beautiful finger-picking ballad in the style of the Beatles’ “Blackbird”
12.   My Immortal
Level II/III
A beautiful ballad from the gothic female singer Evanescence
13.   Paper Hearts
SSAA with piano | SSATB | SATTB | SSAAB | SATB
Level II/III
An impressive ballad by Tori Kelly, a new star from 2015
14.   Strong
Level III
“Excuse me for a while while I’m wide eyed and I’m so damn caught in the middle”
15.   Supermarket Flowers
Level II
Ed Sheeran sings about his grandmother’s death from his mother’s point of view
16.   Until
Level III/IV
Sting wrote this waltz for the movie “Kate and Leopold” from 2001
17.   Warrior
Level III
“All the pain and the truth I wear like a battle wound”
18.   When the Party’s Over
Level III/IV
A beautiful song by this female singer that got famous at a young age in 2017
19.   With You
Level IV
A touching ballad of a new New York singer-songwriter
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