Pop and rock arrangements – 1980-2000 – Slow
21 titles

1.   And So it Goes
Level III
Bob Chilcott’s famous arrangement for the King’s Singers, rewritten to SSAB
2.   Be my Number Two
Level II
A new wave pop song, pure and expressive
3.   Calling You E
Level III
The heartbreaking song from the movie “Baghdad Cafe”
4.   Children’s Crusade
SATB with solo | TTBB with solo | SSAB with solo
Level IV
Sting tells about the young soldiers having to fight in de WWI
5.   Do U Lie
Level III
A jazzy song with a frothy melody by Prince (!)
6.   Fragile
Level III
The masterly song by Sting, singing about the vulnerability of men
7.   Gentleman’s Excuse Me, A
Level IV
“Can you get it in your head I’m tired of dancing?”
8.   Grass is Blue
SSATB with ukelele | SATTB with ukelele
Level III
“I don’t love you and the grass is blue”
9.   Guilty
Level III
A sensitive song by Randy Newman
10.   Hello H
SSATTB with solo | AATTBB with solo
Level III
A sweet arrangement of one of the most beautiful ballads of all times
11.   Hijo de la Luna M
Level III
A woman promisses her child to the moon, in a song mixing traditional with pop
12.   I Can’t Make You Love Me
Level II
A beautiful ballad about impossible love
13.   Lonely at the Top
Level III
It’s not easy for Randy to be a pop idol
14.   Lullabye (Goodnight my Angel) H
Level II
A goodnight song and simultanuously a harmonically refined pop song
15.   Mere Words
Level IV
Bobby McFerrin thinks that this song actually doesn’t describe good enough the beauty of his love
16.   More than Words
Level III
One of the best pop songs from the nineties
17.   Old and Wise E
Level III
An elegant pop melody about separating indefinitely
18.   Rose, The
Level III
“I say love, it is a flower, and you, its only seed”
19.   Schmetterlinge en=im Eis
Level III
A special song from one of Germany’s most important pop musicians
20.   Slipping Through my Fingers
Level II
“Sleep in her eyes, her and me at the breakfast table, barely awake I let precious time go by”
21.   Two Become One
Level II
The beautiful ballad from the debut album of The Spice Girls
E These arrangements are published by Edition Molenaar  
H These arrangements are published by Humm A Cappella  
M These arrangements are published by Music Shop Europe