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On this site you may find information on the activities of Tijs Krammer and his vocal arrangements.

App for conducting technique

In 2023 I made an app for iPhone and Android to conducting technique. It is intended for anyone who leads a choir or an orchestra and is suitable for both beginners and advanced musicians. You will learn the beating patterns for the different time signatures and learn to use the left hand to indicate musical matters like cuing and cutting off. Moreover, you will learn to show the right kind of rebounce in your movements, because the patterns are shown as animation, rather than as pictures. More information on the app can be found here.

New book

Recently, my first English book was published. It’s called Harmonic Warm-Ups and it’s filled with choral exercises with multiple parts, which are very easy to learn, but at the same time are fairly interesting to perform. The book is published by Alfred Publishing and can be bought for example on their website and Singers.com.


In 2022, my book Choral Conducting Technique was published at Alfred Publishing.

New arrangements

Kelly Clarkson: Piece by Piece SATB with solo Kelly Clarkson: Piece by Piece (SATB with solo)
Caro Emerald: Back It Up SATB Caro Emerald: Back It Up (SATB)
Pentatonix: Love Again SATB Pentatonix: Love Again (SATB)
The Police: Roxanne SSAA with piano The Police: Roxanne (SSAA with piano)
Dulce Pontes: Fado Mae SSATB with solo Dulce Pontes: Fado Mae (SSATB with solo)
Randy Newman: You’ve Got a Friend in Me SSATB Randy Newman: You’ve Got a Friend in Me (SSATB)
Tom Odell: Another Love SSATTB Tom Odell: Another Love (SSATTB)
John Mayer: In the Blood SSATTB John Mayer: In the Blood (SSATTB)
Ben Platt: Grow as We Go SSAATTB Ben Platt: Grow as We Go (SSAATTB)
Supertramp: Logical Song, the SSATB Supertramp: Logical Song, the (SSATB)




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