Jazz and Latin arrangements – Slow
1.   Angel Eyes gif  
  Jazz standard pdf  
  SSAA midi  
  Level IV
A slow, heartrending jazz ballad
2.   Blackbird gif  
  The Beatles pdf  
  SSATB with piano | SATB with piano midi  
  Level III
A melancholy song of The Beatles in an elegant jazz arrangement
3.   Darn that Dream gif  
  Jazz standard pdf  
  SSATB | SATTB midi  
  Level III
Easy listening with fine jazz chords
4.   Do U Lie gif  
  Prince pdf  
  SSAA with piano | SATB with tenor solo | SATB with alto solo | SSAB with alto solo midi  
  Level III mp3  
A jazzy song with a frothy melody by Prince (!)
5.   Don’t Wait too Long gif  
  Madeleine Peyroux pdf  
  SSAA with guitar | SSAA with piano | SSATB | SATTB | SSAAB midi  
  Level III
A new jazz standard, written by Madeleine Peyroux herself
6.   Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye gif  
  Cole Porter pdf  
  SSATTB | SSA with piano midi  
  Level III
A nice jazz ballad, well known in the pop world from the Simply Red cover
7.   House is not a Home, A gif  
  Burt Bacharach pdf  
  SSAB midi  
  Level II
A classic a cappella song rewritten for SSAB
8.   In my Life gif  
  The Beatles pdf  
  SSAB midi  
  Level IV
Darmon Meader’s arrangement, rewritten for SSAB
9.   Lover Man gif  
  Billie Holiday pdf  
  SSATB with solo | SSAA with alto solo and piano | SATTB with solo midi  
  Level II mp3  
...I don’t no why, but I’m feelin’ so sad...
10.   Miss Celie’s Blues gif  
  Quincy Jones pdf  
  SSATB with alto solo | SSSAA (niveau IV) | SATTB with alto solo midi  
  Level III mp3  
The blues sung by Tata Fega in Stevens Spielberg’s ‘The Color Purple’
11.   Moody’s Mood For Love gif  
  James Moody, Quincy Jones, Take 6 pdf  
  SATTB with solos midi  
  Level V mp3  
A well-known vocalese as Quincy Jones recorded with Take 6
12.   My Funny Valentine gif  
  Rodgers & Hart pdf  
  SSATB | SATTB midi  
  Level IV
A beautiful setting of this well-known standard
13.   Round Midnight gif  
  Thelonious Monk pdf  
  SSATB | SSAAB | SATTB midi  
  Level III
A grand ballad by this capricious jazz pianist
14.   She gif  
  Charles Aznavour pdf  
  TTBB midi  
  Level III
One of the most wanted songs at funerals
15.   Skylark gif  
  Hoagy Carmichael pdf  
  SSATTB with mezzo-soprano solo midi  
  Level V mp3  
The Phil Mattson arrangement, somewhat simplified and with a slightly different voicing
16.   Somewhere gif  
  West Side Story pdf  
  SATB | SSATB | SSAB | SATTB midi  
  Level III
A standard from the musical ‘West Side Story’
17.   That Ever I Saw gif  
  Darmon Meader pdf  
  SSAA | SSAB midi  
  Level III
The song Darmon Meader wrote for his wedding, rearranged for female voices
18.   That’s the Way it Goes gif  
  The Manhattan Transfer pdf  
  SSAA with piano | SSATB a cappella | SATTB a cappella midi  
  Level II mp3  
Genuine doo-wop from the fifties
19.   Walk Softly gif  
  Johny Richards pdf  
  Level III mp3  
...If you ever leave me, please walk softly, I don’t want to hear you go...
20.   Water Under Bridges gif  
  Gregory Porter pdf  
  SSATB | SATB | SSAA with bass guitar or double bass | SATTB midi  
  Level III
A restrained song from the Grammy-winning singer Gregory Porter
21.   You’ll Never Walk Alone gif  
  Rodgers & Hart pdf  
  ATTBB with piano | SSATB with piano | SATTB with piano midi  
  Level III
Hit from the sixties, often sung at football games, but it still is a beautiful song