App for conducting technique
In 2023 I made an app for iPhone to conducting technique. It is intended for anyone who leads a choir or an orchestra and is suitable for both beginners and advanced musicians. You will learn the beating patterns for the different time signatures and learn to use the left hand to indicate musical matters like cuing and cutting off. Moreover, you will learn to show the right kind of rebounce in your movements, because the patterns are shown as animation, rather than as pictures. More information on the app can be found here.

In 2020, my first English book was published. It's called Harmonic Warm-Ups and it's filled with choral exercises with multiple parts, which are very easy to learn, but at the same time are fairly interesting to perform. The book can be bought for example on Alfred Publishing and Singers.com.

Chords on the piano

In 2023, the first two books of the series Playing Piano Chords were published. The books are aimed at beginners at the piano, who would like to learn to accompany pop songs using chords. In the book, there are no music notes, just images of which keys to play. More information on this book on www.playingpianochords.com.

In 2022, my book Choral Conducting Technique was published at Alfred Publishing.

Font for chord symbols
In the past years, I have often been struggling with the notation of chord symbols. If you want your chords to look good, you want the extensions in superscript and you have to find suitable signs for the flat, sharp, major seventh, diminished chord, etcetera. I have made a font which takes care of all these issues. After installing the font, you can use it in all programs, like Word or your music notation software. To create chords you simply use regular keyboard characters. See for more information MyFonts or Chord Symbols font.

Poster with conducting patterns
For conductors I made something special: a poster with the main conducting patterns. I've done my best to draw the movements for the different time signatures as beautifully as possible. The poster is quite big, 841 x 594 mm. It will look great on the wall in your study or in the classroom. The poster is 7,50 euro, but additionally there will be shipping charges. Please contact me if you like to buy the poster.

poster with kodály hand signs
A good way to learn solfege is by naming the notes of the scale as do-re-mi, etcetera. To indicate these note names there are hand signs as well. I have made a nice poster with these hand signs. A lovely item for on the wall of your study or rehearsal room. The poster is 7,50 euro, but additionally there will be shipping charges. Please contact me if you like to buy the poster.




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