Pop and rock arrangements – 1980-2000 – Medium
32 titles

1.   Another Day
SSATB | SATB with piano | SSA with piano | SAT with piano
Level III/IV
Delicious smooth jazz pop from the nineties
2.   Babylon Sisters
SSAATB | SSAATTB | SSATB with alto solo | SATTB with alto solo
Level IV
Sophisticated jazz rock, a synthesis of soul and jazz
3.   Be the Man
Level III
A song Celine Dion sang in Japanese as well
4.   Breakfast in America
Level IV
The Supertramp hit, arranged in a stompy way
5.   Cancer
SSAB with piano | SATB with piano
Level III
“Don’t work hard, don’t play hard, don’t plan for the graveyard”
6.   Don’t Let Go
Level II/III
The En Vogue song in a straightforward arrangement
7.   Don’t Worry, Be Happy
Level II/III
Bobby McFerrin’s cheerful hit with the catching reggae rhythm
8.   Don’t Worry, Be Medley
Level III/IV
“Don’t worry, be happy” in a variety of styles, including country, house, jazz and classical
9.   Four Seasons in One Day
Level II/III
One of the biggest hits by Crowded House
10.   If I Ain’t Got You
Level III
A super hit by Alicia Keys
11.   Kiss from a Rose M
Level III
One of the most beautiful songs of the nineties
12.   Let Love Rule
Level IV
The first large hit by Lenny Kravitz
13.   Longest Time, The
Level III
A top hit in the a cappella world
14.   Man in the Mirror
Level II
“I’m gonna make a change, for once in my life”
15.   Moon over Bourbon Street
Level IV
The wonderful ballad about the tragedy of a vampire
16.   My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It)
Level IV
Funky, jazzy, girl power, vogue, with an a cappella breakdown
17.   Nothing Else Matters
Level II/III
One of the best rock ballads from the nineties
18.   Pipes of Peace
Level II
McCartney’s song, with the fascinating video about Christmas in the foxholes
19.   Real Men
Level III
A grand song about the changing roles of men and women
20.   River of Dreams
Level II/III
Billy Joel sings in a gospel style about a religious experience he had in a dream
21.   Shed a Little Light
Level III/IV
James Taylor sings about Martin Luther King
22.   Smooth Operator
Level I
The biggest hit by Sade, from the eighties
23.   Somebody Else’s Lover
Level II
24.   Something to Talk About
SSA with piano | SAB with solo and band | SA with solo and piano
Level II
...There’s a rumour about the two of us...
25.   Straight to My Heart
Level IV
A fascinating piece in the unusual seven-quarter time
26.   That Don’t Impress Me Much
SATB with solo | SSAA with piano | SSAB with solo
Level II
Shania Twain is satirizing macho men
27.   Waterfalls
Level III/IV
One of best R&B songs from the nineties
28.   We All Stand Together
SATB with children's choir | SSAB with children's choir
Level II/III
The cheerful frog song, well-known from the cartoon
29.   Weather with You
SSA(A)TB with band | SSA(A)TB with piano
Level II
A contemporary pop song
30.   Woman in Chains
SSATTB | SATB with solos | SSAB with solos
Level IV
A symphonic song against women suppression
31.   You Might Need Somebody
Level III
One of the grooviest soul songs ever
32.   You’ve Got a Friend in Me
Level III
The song Randy Newman wrote for ‘Toy Story’
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