These pages contain information on the vocal arrangements by Tijs Krammer. Of each song, the original performer and the voicing is shown, as well as a short characterization of the arrangement. You may view a picture of the arrangement or a pdf file containing some pages. Additionally, of most songs you may listen to a midi file. Of some of the songs a recording may be listened to. Finally, the difficulty of the piece is indicated on a scale ranging from I (easy) to V (challenging).

Explanation of the icons and links

gif      Use these links to view an image of the arrangement.
pdf Use these links to view a couple of pages of the arrangement as a pdf file.
midi Use these links to listen to a midi file (or to be precise, an mp3 of how the computer is playing the arrangement) with an external player (like Windows Media Player or Quicktime). Often a midi file contains a kind of drums or percussion. These sounds are added to make the midi sound nice, but in most cases these sounds are not part of the arrangement.
mp3 Use these links to listen to a recording of the song.
C This arrangement is published by ChorusOnline.
E This arrangement is published by Edition Molenaar.
F This arrangement is published by Ferrimontana.
H This arrangement is available through Humm A Cappella.
M This arrangement is available through Music Shop Europa.
Z This arrangement is published by ZoecMusic.


It is possible to have these arrangements fit to the specific voicing of your group. Small changes in voicing are easily made, for example between SSATB and SATTB or between SSATB a cappella and SSAA with piano. Of course, Tijs is available for making new arrangements. Please send an e-mail for rates and conditions.


Tijs often writes arrangements for groups with a lot more women than men. The voicing of those arrangements is SSAB or SSAAB. Mostly, the B therein is a baritone part rather than a bass part. This means that the part is suited for both basses and tenors. In some occasions, two notes are written in a single staff, an octave apart. In that case, the lower notes are for the bass and the higher notes for the tenor.

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