Pop and rock arrangements – 1960-1980 – Medium
30 titles

1.   Aquarius
Level II/III
The opening song of the wonderful musical “Hair”
2.   Belle Histoire H
Level II/III
One of the most beautiful French pop songs
3.   Bohemian Rhapsody
Level IV/V
The greatest rock hit of all time, but this time it’s arranged in a tricky jazz style (!)
4.   Calypso
Level III
John Denver sings about Jacques Cousteau’s ship
5.   Eleanor Rigby
Level IV
A soulful jazzy arrangement of this wonderful song by the Beatles
6.   Factory
Level I
A pure song about the hard labour of factory workers
7.   Golden Years
Level III
The David Bowie hit, with the many overdubbed voices from the original

8.   Good Vibrations
Level II/III
The catchy Beach Boys song in a not too difficult arrangement
9.   Hopelessly Devoted to You
Level II/III
The heartfelt cry by Olivia Newton John from the musical “Grease”
10.   I Can Help
Level II/III
A catchy uncomplicated song from the seventies
11.   I’m a Train
Level III
The famous arrangement of The King’s Singers, rewritten for five voices
12.   I’ve Just Seen a Face
Level I
An uncomplicated Beatle tune to sing along with
13.   Just the Way You Are H
SSATTB | AATTBB | SSATB with piano | SATTB with piano
Level III
One of the biggest hit from Billy Joel
14.   Let the Sunshine In
Level II/III
An indictment of the Vietnam War from the musical “Hair”
15.   Little by Little
Level II/III
Girl pop with a Motown sound
16.   Logical Song, The
Level II/III
“Then they sent me away to teach me how to be sensible”
17.   Lollipop
Level I/II
Uncomplicated pop from the sixties
18.   Love Is All M
Level III
The song with the happy cartoon frog
19.   Mr. Big Stuff
Level III
A nice assertive soul number from the 70s
20.   Never Seem to Be Able To Say Goodbye
SSATB | SSAA with piano | SATTB
Level II
...We’re no longer best of friends...
21.   Nothing Rhymed
Level III
Gilbert O’Sullivan is trying to make sense of all the suffering in the world
22.   Oh Lori
Level III
The catchy tune by the one hit wonder The Alessi Brothers
23.   Operator
Level II/III
Gospel with a twist
24.   Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone
Level IV
The Motown hit from 1973
25.   Rock the Boat M
SSATB | SATTB | ATTB | SATB with solo
Level IV
One of the very first disco hits, dating from 1976
26.   Roxanne
Level III
Sting’s charge of prostitution, in a jazzy arrangement
27.   She’s Always a Woman
Level IV
One of the most beautiful Billy Joel songs, with lovely long lines
28.   There are Worse Things I Could Do
Level III
The sad slutty girl from the musical “Grease”

29.   Turn Turn Turn
Level I
A simpel hit from the sixtees, a plea for peace
30.   Wall Street Shuffle H
Level III/IV
A parody on the fast life on Wall Street
H Published by Humm A Cappella  
M Published by Music Shop Europe  



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