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1.   Galaxy Song
Level III/IV
The planets, the Milky Way and the universe superiorly satirized, from “The Meaning of Life”
2.   James Bond Medley
Level IV
A medley with “Licence to Kill”, “Live and Let Die”, “Goldfinger” and three more songs
3.   Lax Vox Medley
Level III
A funny medley, where the choir has to bubble according to the Lax Vox method
4.   Miss Celie’s Blues
SSATB with alto solo | SSSAA | SATTB with alto solo | SSATB | SSAAB
Level IV
The blues sung by Tata Fega in Stevens Spielberg’s “The Color Purple”
5.   Nanny, The
Level IV
The theme song from the tv series “The nanny”
6.   Nobody Does It Better
Level III
Carly Simon sings about old fashioned love
7.   Place Where the Lost Things Go, The
Level II/III
This arrangement is based on the Jamie Cullum performance of this beautiful song
8.   Science Fiction Medley
SSATB | SATB (div.) | SATTB | SSAB (div.)
Level IV
Music from “Star wars”, “War of the Worlds”, “X Files”, “Space Odyssey” and “Star Trek”
9.   Soul Bossa Nova
Level II/III
A boogaloo song from Quincy Jones, also the theme from the second “Austin Powers” movie

10.   Theme from “Harry Potter”
Level V
Actually this is called “Hedwig’s Theme”
11.   Theme from “Mission Impossible”
Level V
Among the most catchy movie themes of all times
12.   TV Medley
Level III
A medley of three themes from the popular tv-series “Cheers”, “The nanny” and “Friends”
13.   Until
SSSAA with piano or guitar | SSATB | SSATTB | SATTB | SSAAB | SSA with piano or guitar
Level III/IV
Sting wrote this waltz for the movie “Kate and Leopold” from 2001
14.   Walking in the Air M
Level II/III
A colourful winter song, title song from the movie “The Snowman”
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