World music arrangements
27 titles

1.   Around the World in 80 Seconds
SSAA with solos | SATB with solos
Level IV
Six short fragments from six continents
2.   Black Is the Color
Level III
A nice sounding, open arrangement of this well-known Scottish folk song
3.   Bottom
Level I/II
The earth is going down the drain, but no one seems to notice
4.   Cantus Inaequalis
Level III
A lyrical piece taken from the first cd of Adiemus, in five-four time
5.   Empire State of Mind
Level III
A world music arrangement, with “America” from “The West Side Story” as an inspiration
6.   Get Away, Jordan
Level V
One of the most impressive pieces by Take 6, from their debut album
7.   Halah
Level III
Avishai Cohen combines Eastern melodies with Western harmonies
8.   Hov Arek
Level III/IV
An old Armenian song, embellished with beautiful jazzy chords
9.   Käppee
Level III/IV
A fierce Finnish song about the meddling women from the village
10.   Kothbiro
Level III
A tranquil African song, used in the film “The Constant Gardener”
11.   M’fhearann Saidhbhir
Level IV
A Schottish folk song, completed with a viruozo solo from another Schottish song
12.   Makom Lideaga
Level III
A Hebrew song, among others performed by Noa
13.   Mere Words
Level III
Bobby McFerrin thinks that this song actually doesn’t describe good enough the beauty of his love
14.   Mishaela
Level II
A lyrical, Hebrew song of Israeli Noa
15.   Morenika
Level III
A nice slightly jazzy arrangement of this Spanish folk song, using varying time signatures
16.   Nyfallith Regn
Level IV
A song in the less common 7/4 time by this mysterious singer from Iceland
17.   O Sifuni Mungu
Level II/III
A well-known African arrangement, rearranged for SSAA
18.   On Children
Level III
A text by the Eastern philopher Kahlil Gibran set to music
19.   Prayer to the One
Level I/II
A semi religious piece by the Sweet Honey in the Rock, a world music group from the States
20.   Quiet Joys of Brotherhood, The
Level III
This Irish song in the performance of Vocal Distancing PNW
21.   Shir Preda
Level IV
A beautiful Hebrew song, in a time signature which is hard to grasp
22.   Thousand Ways
Level II/III
A bold soul piece in which Marie Doulne sings about the variety of people
23.   Varvindar Friska
Level III
A traditional Swedish song in a jazzy arrangement
24.   Vie en Rose, La
Level III
Edith Piaf is in love, arranged in a bossa nova-style
25.   Wade in the Water
Level III
Eva Cassidy’s version of this spiritual
26.   Wah Jhi Le Yihm
Level IV
A native American song, used in the 1998 movie “Smoke signals”
27.   Wayfaring Stranger
Level III
A work song which starts in a traditional way and ends in a modern way
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