Musical arrangements
1.   Aquarius gif  
  Musical ‘Hair’ pdf  
  SATB or SSAB midi  
  Level II
The opening song of the wonderful musical ‘Hair’
2.   Bear, the Tiger, the Hamster and the Mole gif  
  Maltby & Shire pdf  
  SSA with piano midi  
  Level III
A musical piece on female animals raising their kids on their own
3.   Copacabana gif  
  Barry Manilow pdf  
  SSATB or SSAB with piano or SATB with solo a cappella or SATTB midi  
  Level III
The well-known warm-blooded song from the musical ‘Copacabana’
4.   Everything that I Am gif  
  Phil Collins pdf  
  SATTB or SATB with tenor solo or SSAA with piano or ATTBB or SSAB with tenor solo midi  
  Level III
A soothing piece from the musical ‘Tarzan’, with fine modulations
5.   Hopelessly Devoted to You gif  
  Grease pdf  
  SSAA or SSAA with piano midi  
  Level I
The heartfelt cry by Olivia Newton John from the musical ‘Grease’
6.   If I Sing gif  
  Maltby & Shire pdf  
  SATB with solo or SSAB with solo
  Level IV
A pianist is telling about the love for music his father gave him
7.   Let the Sunshine In gif  
  Hair pdf  
  SSAA with guitar or SSATB with guitar or SATTB with guitar
  Level II mp3  
An indictment of the Vietnam War from the musical ‘Hair’
8.   One Song Glory gif  
  Rent pdf  
  SSATTB midi  
  Level III
The singer of ‘Rent’ wants to write one more impressive song before he dies
9.   Pilate’s Dream gif  
  Andrew Lloyd Webber pdf  
  TTBB or SATB or SSAB midi  
  Level III
Pilate’s lamentation from the musical ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’
10.   Somewhere gif  
  West Side Story pdf  
  SATB or SSATB or SSAB or SATTB midi  
  Level III
A standard from the musical ‘West Side Story’
11.   Sound of Muzak, the gif  
  Maltby & Shire pdf  
  SAB (div.) with piano midi  
  Level IV
An extravagant piece from the musical ‘Close than ever’, making fun of muzak
12.   There are Worse Things I Could Do gif  
  Grease pdf  
  SSAA or SSSAA or SSATB or SSAAB midi  
  Level III
The sad slutty girl from the musical ‘Grease’