Pop and rock arrangements – 1960-1980 – Slow
16 titles

1.   Army Dreamers
Level III/IV
An indictment of the pointless casualties of war
2.   Blackbird
Level III
A melancholy song of The Beatles in an elegant jazz arrangement
3.   Bluebird
Level II/III
A beautiful McCartney melody with a touch of Latin
4.   If It’s Magic
Level IV
A beautiful ballad from the album “Songs in the key of life”
5.   Junk
Level II/III
Paul McCartney sings about the beauty of the mess in the barn
6.   Nobody Does It Better
Level III
Carly Simon sings about old fashioned love
7.   One Day I’ll Fly Away
Level III
A delightful jazzy pop ballad from the seventies
8.   Our House
Level II/III
A simple, sweet song from CSNY
9.   She’s Leaving Home
Level II/III
...Fun is the one thing that money can’t buy...
10.   Souvenir
Level II/III
A lesser well-known song from an early Billy Joel album
11.   Urge for Going
Level III
A simple folk-like song written by Joni Mitchell when she was young
12.   Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)
Level III/IV
Don McLean sings compassionately about Vincent van Gogh
13.   Visions
SSATB with piano | SATB with piano | SSAA with piano | SSAB with piano | SATTB with piano
Level III
A quiet ballad by the master of soul
14.   Way We Were, The
SATB with solo | SSAB with solo
Level III
The well-known ballad, but arranged in a smooth R&B fashion
15.   Yes, the River Knows
Level III/IV
A capricious piece, as Jim Morrison was himself
16.   You’ve Got a Friend
Level III
Probably the best known song by James Taylor



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