Pop and rock arrangements – 2000-2020 – Fast
23 titles

1.   Bend and Break
SSATB | SATTB | SATB with solo
Level III
“I’ll meet you on the other side, I’ll meet you in the light.”
2.   Blurred Lines
Level IV
The huge hit from Robin Thicke featuring Pharrell (or vice versa)
3.   Do I Ever
Level III
A nice solid song by Kensington, with a good lyric on top of that
4.   Euphoria
Level III
The song that made Loreen win the 2012 songfestival
5.   Feels
Level II
A wonderfully perky pop hit from 2017
6.   I’m All over It
SSATB with tenor solo | SATTB with tenor solo
Level III
A fresh pop song by Jamie Cullum
7.   Kiss the Sky
Level IV
Jason Derulo goes wild. Funky!
8.   Love So Soft
Level III
Another fantastic hit song by Kelly Clarkson
9.   Love Song
Level III
Sara Bareilles is not going to write a simple hitsong for her record company
10.   New Shoes
SSAA with guitar | SSAA with piano | SSATB | SSAAB | SATTB
Level III
The life of Paolo Nutini gets better after he bought new shoes
11.   Nina Cried Power
Level III
An homage to the writers of protest songs, like Nina Simone, Bob Dylan and B.B. King
12.   No Good in Goodbye
Level II
“There’s no good in goodbye, there’s no nice in nice try”
13.   No Roots
SSAA with guitar | SSAA with piano | SSAA with bass guitar
Level II
“Cause I’ve got memories and travel like gypsies in the night”
14.   Price Tag H
SSATB with piano | SATB a cappella | SSAA with piano | SATB with mezzo-soprano solo and piano | SATTB with piano
Level II
One of the pop discoveries of 2011
15.   Save Your Soul
Level III
A lovely song by Jamie Cullum with house influences
16.   Say Something
Level II
Justin Timberlake is expected to speak out on political issues
17.   Scream (Funk my Life Up)
SSATB with tenor solo | SATTB with tenor solo
Level IV
An arousing and energizing song from this Schottish singer
18.   Stitched Up
SATB with baritone solo | SSAB with baritone solo
Level III
A funky piece wherein John Mayer is afraid to be trapped by a gorgeous woman
19.   Thousand Ways
SSAA with mezzo-soprano solo | SSAB with mezzo-soprano solo
Level II
A bold soul piece in which Marie Doulne sings about the variety of people
20.   Unwritten
SSAA with accompaniment | SSA with accompaniment | SSATB | SATB | SSAAB | SATTB
Level II
“Today is where your book begins, the rest is still unwritten”
21.   Uptown Funk
SSATB with tenor solo | SSATB with piano | SATTB with tenor solo | SATTB with piano
Level III
Already the biggest retro hit from 2015
22.   Wings
Level II
A fresh pop hit from the English girl group
23.   Wonderwoman
SSATB with piano | SSA with piano | SSATB with band | SATTB with piano
Level III
H These arrangements are published by Humm A Cappella