Spanish and portugies arrangements
1.   Alfonsina y el Mar gif  
  Ramírez pdf  
  SSAA or SATB with female solo or SSAB with female solo midi  
  Level IV
An enchanting song, made famous by Mercedes Sosa, about a female writer that drowned herself
2.   Entre el Espanto y la Ternura gif  
  Silvio Rodriguez pdf  
  SSAA or SATB or SSAB or SSATB midi  
  Level IV mp3  
A Spanish lyric full of Cuban syncopations
3.   Gracias a la Vida gif  
  Mercedes Sosa pdf  
  SSATB or SSAA or SATTB midi  
  Level III
A quiet song, made famous by Mercedes Sosa
4.   Hijo de la Luna M gif  
  Mecano pdf  
  SATB with piano or SSAA with piano or SSATB a cappella or SATTB a cappella or SSAB with piano midi  
  Level III mp3  
A woman promisses her child to the moon, in a song mixing traditional with pop
5.   Pájaros Perdidos, los gif  
  Astor Piazzolla pdf  
  SSAA midi  
  Level III
A fiery tango, in which birds are reminiscent of the loss of a loved one
6.   Rua Ramalhete gif  
  Trio Esperança pdf  
  SSAA or SSAB midi  
  Level III
A characteristic Brazilian piece of the female group Trio Esperança
7.   Ultima Curda, La gif  
  Troilo pdf  
  SSAB midi  
  Level IV mp3  
A poetic tango about the weight of life
8.   Uno Queriendo Ser Dos gif  
  Noa pdf  
  SSSAA or SSAAB midi  
  Level IV
A Spanish song by the Israeli singer-songwriter Noa
9.   Verano Porteño gif  
  Astor Piazolla pdf  
  SSAB (div.) or SATB (div.) midi  
  Level IV
An authentic song by the Argentinean tango master, an arrangement without lyrics
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