Vue d'ensembles par sujet
5/4       Bohemian rhapsody Cantus inaequalis Take five
Amour       Boum! Let love rule Let the sunshine in
Paper doll Rose, the Spread love
Until Vie en rose, la We all stand together
You’re the voice
Amusement       Lax Vox medley Lonely at the top My baby just cares for me
They all laughed
Animaux       Blackbird Lullaby of birdland
Années soixante       Belle histoire Hair Let the sunshine in
Lollipop Love is all Rua ramalhete
Années soixante-dix       I can help Oh Lori Rock the boat
Argent       Mr. Big Stuff Wall Street shuffle
Avenir       Best part / Dear future husband Don’t wait too long I’m all over it
Let the sunshine in Unwritten
Bonheur       Don’t worry, be happy Feeling good Happiness
I’ve got the music in me New shoes
Bonnes intentions       Maybe I’ll enjoy it next year Next year, baby
Célébrer       Celebration Euphoria New shoes
Summer in the city
Chagrin       All around the world Be my number two Black is the color
Darn that dream Grass is blue Hide and seek
Hopelessly devoted to you I can’t make you love me My immortal
No good in goodbye No air Paper hearts
Round midnight Shir preda You oughta know
When the party’s over
Changement       Man in the mirror
Cinquantaine       That’s the way it goes
Consolation       Bridge over troubled water Don’t worry, be happy Hello
I can help I’ll be there for you Just the way you are
Jenny Wren Message in a bottle Visions
Wave You’ll never walk alone
Courage       Don’t let go Don’t stop believin’ Don’t worry, be happy
Freedom Miss Celie’s blues
Danser       Celebration Copacabana Fascinating rhythm
New shoes Smack dab in the middle Sur la place
Décès       Afire love Alfonsina y el mar Army dreamers
Ballade vom ertrunkenen Mädchen Children’s crusade Copacabana
Fragile Quand tu dors Sunday bloody Sunday
Supermarket flowers
Déclarations d’amour       Aicha Belle histoire Be the man
Birdland Blurred lines Chanson des vieux amants, la
Everything Ev’ry time we say goodbye Golden years
Gold mine If I ain’t got you In my life
I won’t give up Just the way you are Let me love you
Like I’m gonna lose you Love her madly Mere words
More than words My baby just cares for me My funny Valentine
Night and day Nothing else matters Oh Lori
She’s always a woman That’s the way it goes Way we were, the
With you
Dessin       Doodlin’
Dieu       Get away, Jordan Gold mine Hodja
Operator Plenty good room Prayer to the one
Wade in the water Wah jhi le yihm
Dormir       Lullabye (goodnight my angel)
Drogues       A Team
Eau       Wah jhi le yihm Water under bridges
Enfants       Daughters Galaxies Hijo de la luna
Lady Madonna Lullabye (goodnight my angel) Mother and child reunion
On children She’s leaving home Slipping through my fingers
We all stand together
Entêtement       Hair Love song Wings
Épouser       Makin’ whoopee
Étoiles       Galaxies Galaxy song
Être en amour       Closest thing to crazy, the Drive my car Every little thing she does is magic
Foggy day Good vibrations Got to get you into my life
Hello I’ve just seen a face Longest time, the
She’s leaving home Stitched up Straight to my heart
Two become one When I take my sugar to tea
Famille       Afire love Daughters Four brothers
Hijo de la luna If I sing In the blood
Lady Madonna Mother and child reunion Papa was a rollin’ stone
She’s leaving home Slipping through my fingers Souvenir
Stop this train
Femmes       Blackbird Bluebird Blurred lines
Girl from Ipanema, the Lady Madonna Miss Celie’s blues
She’s always a woman Stitched up Woman in chains
Films       Calling you Theme from Mission impossible
Finir       Hide and seek I don’t wanna hurt I’m outta love
My lovin’ (you’re never gonna get it) No good in goodbye Turning tables
Walk softly
Fou       Crazy Doodlin’ Twisted
Guerre       Army dreamers Children’s crusade Inshallah
I see fire Jenny Wren Let the sunshine in
Hommes       Ali Baba James Bond medley That don’t impress me much
Idéaux       River of dreams Somewhere Visions
Insécurité       Daughters Do I ever Do u lie
Everything that I am Let’s call the whole thing off Snakes and ladders
Instrumental       Icarus Soul bossa nova Take five
Theme from Mission impossible Verano porteño
Jalousie       Copacabana Do u lie Grass is blue
Hijo de la luna Paper doll Quand tu dors
You oughta know What goes around
Jazz       Birdland
Jeune       Twentysomething
Jour et nuit       Buddy on the nightshift Meet me, midnight Moon over Bourbon Street
Quand tu dors Round midnight
Livres       I could write a book
Mariage       Käppee
Mer       Alfonsina y el mar All at sea Babylon sisters
Calypso Seeräuberjenny
Monde       Galaxy song
Musique       Back it up Fascinating rhythm Four brothers
If I sing In a mellow tone I’ve got the music in me
One note samba Sound of muzak, the Uptown funk
Nature       All at sea Calypso Country life, the
Four seasons in one day Kothbiro Lullaby of birdland
Mr. Blue Sky Nyfallith regn Walking in the air
Nostalgie       Souvenir
Optimisme       Don’t worry, be happy Jenny Wren Let the sunshine in
Maybe I’ll enjoy it next year Wave
Paix       Aquarius Inshallah Pipes of peace
Visions We all stand together You’re the voice
Passé       Souvenir Still crazy after all these years Way we were, the
Poésie       Urge for going Visions Yes, the river knows
Politique       Bottom Let the sunshine in Oh God
Say something Shed a little light What about us
You’re the voice
Potins       Cornflake girl Käppee Something to talk about
Pression       All at sea Busy Country life, the
Shaky flat blues Stop this train Take five
Under pressure
Rapports sexuels       Blurred lines Scream (funk my life up) There are worse things I could do
Reposer       All at sea Country life, the Take five
Science-fiction        Science fiction medley
Soleil       Let the sunshine in Mr. Blue Sky
Solitude       Lonely at the top Lover man Message in a bottle
All around the world Eleanor Rigby Ev’ry time we say goodbye
House is not a home, a Hov arek Name and number
Old and wise Round midnight Skylark
S.O.S. Urge for going Wave
Way we were, the
Suivre votre coeur       Don’t wait too long Just the way you are Nothing else matters
One day I’ll fly away She’s leaving home They all laughed
Suppression       Blackbird Black or white Jenny Wren
Woman in chains
Television       Cosby show theme TV medley
Temps modernes       Price tag Sign o’ the times Straight to my heart
Trains       Chattanooga Choo Choo I’m a train
Travail       Buddy on the nightshift Factory Wall Street shuffle
Tricherie       Gone Part-time lover
Vacances       Dreadlock holiday
Vagabonder       Wayfaring stranger
Vengeance       Quand tu dors Seeräuberjenny What goes around
Vie nocturne       Look sharp
Villes       Babylon sisters Empire state of mind Foggy day
On ira Sur la place
Voitures       Drive my car Traffic jam


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